17th FEBRUARY 2024, 6PM (EET)


Group Session Overview:

In the initial stage of our event, I will guide you into a state of hypnosis. This process involves deep relaxation and heightened focus, allowing your mind to access its subconscious layers. Hypnosis is a fully natural state that you might recognise from moments like daydreaming or getting lost in a captivating book. It’s a gentle and safe method to open the door to your inner self.

Once comfortably under hypnosis, we’ll embark on a journey into the past to uncover the roots of any fears or patterns that may be affecting your relationships. Regression is a powerful tool that allows us to explore memories, often from childhood, that may have shaped your beliefs about love and connection. Understanding the origins of these patterns is the key to unlocking transformative change.

We will then proceed to the healing stage. Using proven therapeutic techniques, we will work together to address and release any negative emotions or limiting beliefs associated with past experiences. This healing process aims to create a positive shift, allowing you to approach relationships differently and overcome your fears or emotional blocks.

To support your journey beyond our session, you will receive an audio recording. This recording serves as a powerful tool for implementing new beliefs and changing habits. You can listen to it at your own pace, providing ongoing support as you navigate the path to love and healing.

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