RTT covers various facets such as:

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

RTT is a pioneer in solving anxiety issues and putting an end to panic attacks in 1 to 3 sessions only. You will also learn the rules of the mind that will help you address minor issues in the future without the need to return to therapy.

Fears & Phobias​

The human mind is not logical and when dealing with it, emotions are way stronger. After discovering the underlying belief behind any fear or Phobia, we reframe it and set you free


Addictions appear in order to take us from a bad feeling or emotion to a good one, temporarily of course. With RTT, we uncover what “lies beneath” the addiction and we heal it. A person’s will is key in order to be freed from an addiction.

Sleep Disorders

We come to this world with the ability to sleep easily and effortlessly. Somehow certain events, experiences and beliefs alter our nervous system and disrupt this ability. With RTT, we uncover the root cause and give back perfect sleeping patterns

Self Confidence & Career Concerns

Every person is born with confidence and self love. Along the way, events happen and we lose our self confidence leading to a multitude of problems & limitations. RTT uncovers what went wrong and corrects it immediately

Overeating & weight

Diets do not work long term because most of the overeating problems & chronic weight stem from emotional issues. The Mind is holding on to the weight and enticing you to overeat for a reason. RTT uncovers those beliefs during Hypnosis

Unexplained Infertility

The subconscious thoughts and beliefs about pregnancy, birth and raising children CAN block conception and/or IVF success. If you and your partner discover that you are both in good health, you need to consider possible emotional blockage. RTT has proven to be significantly successful in this area.

Other aspects addressed by RTT include:

✓ Anger
✓ Achieving goals
✓ Depression
✓ Fear of flying
✓ Fear of driving
✓ Lack of motivation
✓ Money Blocks
✓ Obsessive Compulsive behaviours (OCD)

✓ Procrastination
✓ Post-Traumatic Stress disorder
✓ Public speaking
✓ Physical pain & Illnesses
✓ Relationships issues
✓ Sexual problems
✓ Skin problems
✓ Self Esteem

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