Acknowledging the Concept of Pain and Pleasure through Hypnotherapy

Your mind’s job is to move you away from “pain” and take you closer to “pleasure”.

Your mind will always move you towards pleasure and away from pain. If you want to overcome a fear, a phobia, an addiction, being overweight, you have got to remember this rule and understand it well.

For instance, if you eat something that makes you sick, you will link this type of food to “pain”, it would then be very hard for you eat that again for the rest of your life. Human beings are hardwired to avoid pain.

You need to be careful to what you link pain or pleasure to because this link has a serious repercussion on your future feelings & actions. You can choose every day what is pain and what is pleasure. You are the only person that could do that, but you cannot choose how you feel and act afterwards.

If you had to read in class as a student and you got the word wrong and everyone laughed at you; you think, “Right, that’s it. I’ll never speak in public again. I will not want to be the focus and attention of everyone again!

Of course, with the years passing by, you forget what you said and what you instructed your mind. But when you become a business man or woman and your job requires you to speak in public, to speak to an audience, to take part in conferences where you might need to talk to a large number of people, every time you are the centre of attention and the focus, your mind never forgets what you instructed it, even if the circumstances have totally changed. 

So, every time you decide to speak in public, you will get uncomfortable, or even in some cases, you may experience anxiety and panic attacks. Luckily this is reversible. In hypnotherapy sessions, we update the mind, and we change those links at a subconscious level.

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